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Nanoscale Science and Engineering Education

the Next Steps

December 11-12, 2014
Westin Arlington Gateway, VA

2014 Workshop Overview

This NSEE workshop involved representatives from the various global stakeholder communities, including K-12, community colleges, universities, continuing education, various professional communities, industry, foundations, state/local education authorities, and pertinent national agencies. The workshop participants reviewed the current status of nanoscale education, and developed recommendations toward:

  • What knowledge base will be needed in the workforce/population 5-10 years from now, and how to prepare the students for that future;
  • An assessment of the global NSEE efforts and identification of best practices;
  • A process to scale-up availability/usage of the best NSEE resources;
  • A plan for the incorporation of NSEE into curricula being developed for the newly released U.S. Next Generation K-12 Science Standards and similar standards in other countries;
  • The symbiosis among NSE, information technology, biology/medicine, and cognitive processes (U.S. BRAIN and European Union Brain Project initiatives);
  • A mechanism(s) to keep abreast of the changing workforce education needs as nanotechnology continues its rapid market penetration;
  • The need and possible mechanisms for ongoing public education and engagement with nanoscale science, engineering, and technology; and
  • Roles for NSEE in broadening participation in the STEM workforce.

Workshop Report

This NSEE workshop final report is now available for download: NSEE the Next Steps - Workshop Report

2014 NSEE